Terms and conditions

This document and the Privacy Policy form our rules on the use of the service on the TAKT  platform and application and represent the Terms and conditions for users, the way of user registration, user rights and notifications, the way of providing the service, the way of calculating fees (commission), copyright and related rights, and others issues that are important for the functioning and use of the Internet platform and application (further in the text: Rules).

The Rules are a legally binding access agreement between you and DIGITAL WORX LTD. This agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities when you use the TAKT web application, iOS and Android mobile applications and other services provided by DIGITAL WORX LTD (hereinafter: “Services”), so please read them carefully. By using any of our Services (even if you only browse one of our websites), you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree with the Rules, you cannot use our Services. Any use of the Platform or application in whole or in any part not in accordance with these Terms of Use will be considered an abuse of the services provided by DIGITAL WORX LTD and by violating the Terms and Conditions.

By voluntarily using any segment of the Platform and the Application, the user confirms that he is familiar with and agrees with the Terms and Conditions and the conclusion of this Agreement upon accession.

DIGITAL WORX undertakes to provide the Service to Users defined by these Terms and Conditions, in the manner and with the restrictions described in these Terms and Conditions, and in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia. The Service User undertakes to comply with these Terms and Conditions in all respects when using the Platform and/or application. The contracting parties agree that in order to fulfill these obligations, it is necessary that DIGITAL WORX LTD collects, processes and stores personal data of Service Users in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia, General Data Protection Right (GDPR) and the Privacy Policy, which is available for all Service Users. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, each User confirms that he or she is familiar with and agrees with the Privacy Policy, and gives express consent to the collection and processing of data, in the manner described in the Policy

  1. Service provider

“TAKT” is the exclusive property of the Company DIGITAL WORX LTD, with its registered office at  Veljka Dugoševića Street no 54, ID number: 21246620, Tax number: 109808558, entered in the register of the Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia, e-mail: janko.pavlovic@digital-worx.rs, hereinafter “DIGITAL WORX” or “Company”, which aims to provide the services specified herein.

  1. Description of the platform and service

The TAKT project is an integrated business solution manufactured by DIGITAL WORX. This is the “On-premise” or Cloud based software system consisting of admin Web and user android/ ios mobile applications. The TAKT software package may also include additional upgrades and solutions, which will be provided by the contractor developed for the User according to his order and requirements, as well as modules that the contractor has already developed and sells as such. The whole system has a multi-tenant structure. It’s about multiple company profiles (potentially) using the same server and database (infrastructure), but they can’t meet or intersect each other’s data. 

Regardless of hosting option, customers can use Cloud storage provided by DIGITAL WORX or they can use their Local or Cloud Storage. DIGITAL WORX is not responsible for any external services or any third-party actions. 

Takt is designed in a modular way, hence users can decide which set of modules they will use. Pricing depends on modules, company size, market, storage and similar.

Takt web app allows Project Managers to have an overview of all activities and reports in the system. They can promptly react to any issues and adjust the plans in real time. They can easily create and manage digital Work Orders for any Asset and assign tasks to Workers, with all the necessary details. They can access all the reports and see the status of each task in the system. All the data is stored in the system, which allows overview and long-term analysis.

Takt offers simplicity of a modern workflow management system with most important functionalities of ERP systems, hence it was specially designed for industrial customers.

Takt mobile app is specifically tailored for the workers in the field or at the shopfloor. Every worker gets his own access to a set of tasks assigned to him. The tasks contain all the information he can use in execution, including all the necessary documentation, permits, manuals and licences he may need. Reporting has also never been easier – all he has to do is fill an in-app form with text, photo, video or audio content and, after submitting it, it is immediately available to his supervisor. All actions are covered with personalised and timely reminders.

Although Takt can empower plenty of organisations, it’s a digital tool and by that all the data, usage, instructions, manuals and any other inputs are solely the responsibility of the customer and DIGITAL WORX doesn’t have any obligations in these terms.

For more information regarding Takt and DIGITAL WORX, please check the website: https://digital-worx.rs

In order to inquire for the product specifications, pricing, demo or a free trial period, please contact us at: info@digital-worx.rs

  1. Terms of use of our services and platform – Registration

In order for a Company to become a Takt User, you must first contact us via email: info@digital-worx.rs or janko.pavlovic@digital-worx.rs . First, we will create an account for a company owner. For this step we will need the company’s data and the owner’s data (name and surname, phone number, e-mail address). After we create the company account, we will send an email at the company owner’s address with access parameters and links to our services – web and mobile applications. When the Company owner accesses a web application, then he can  add other Users – company employees. The Company owner creates accounts for the employees of the company by entering their personal information. After activations of an individual user, that user receives his credentials by e-mail, SMS or directly from the administrator on a piece of paper, and with these credentials User can access our services – web and mobile applications. 

  1. Rules for using the Platform

Our Platform allows  users to create, edit and delete Assets (facilities and machines) and work orders and everything related to them. They can also manage other users and their data. Users can add, modify and delete documentation in various formats. Users can write and send reports, upload pictures, videos and voice messages ((hereinafter: “Content). All content and information left by users on the Platform must be true and correct. The responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the entered content lies exclusively with the users who entered the content. We may, but have no obligation to monitor, edit or move content that we believe is illegal, offensive, threatening, defamatory, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate or infringes the intellectual property rights or these Terms and Conditions.

You agree that your content will not infringe any rights of any third party, including copyrights, trademarks, privacy, personality or other personal or private rights.

     Our Services will provide you with functionality to link some content that might contain links to third party sites or services that we do not own or control (for example, links to Google maps and Google Drive.) or the link itself can lead to these external sites or services. You may need to use a third-party product or service to use some of our services (such as a compatible mobile web browser). When you access these third party services, you do so at your own risk. Third parties may require you to accept their Terms and Conditions. DIGITAL WORX LTD is not a party to these agreements, they are exclusively between you and a third party.

  1. Illegal activities

Service users agree that they will respect the following restrictions when using the Platform and/or mobile application:

  1. It is not allowed for you to attempt to buy, sell, or transfer any aspect of your account (including your username) or solicit, collect, or use login credentials of other users.
  2. It is not allowed for you to post private or confidential information or do anything that violates someone else’s rights, including intellectual property. 
  3. It is not allowed for you to use a domain name or URL in your username without our prior written consent. 

You further agree that your content will not contain defamatory or otherwise illegal, offensive material, or that it contains any computer virus or other malicious software, which could in any way affect the operation of the platform or any linked website. You may not use a fake email address, pretend to be anyone other than yourself, or otherwise mislead us or third parties about the origin of any content. You are solely responsible for all content and its accuracy. We do not assume any responsibility and assume no responsibility for any content posted by you or any third party.

  1. Exclusion of liability

DIGITAL WORX LTD excludes its own responsibility in accordance with the following:

  • DIGITAL WORX LTD is not responsible for the content of electronic messages exchanged by users using the messaging system within DIGITAL WORX LTD.
  • DIGITAL WORX LTD is not responsible for the content of data stored in the database and/or published on DIGITAL WORX LTD.
  • DIGITAL WORX LTD is not responsible for the content on other portals in the event that Service Users insert links to those other portals in their advertisements or messages.
  • DIGITAL WORX LTD is not obliged to review the data stored, transmitted or made available, or to examine the circumstances that would indicate the inadmissible actions of service users.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither DIGITAL WORX LTD nor our employees or directors shall be liable for any lost profits or income, or for any cause-and-effect, incidental, indirect, special or damages arising out of or in connection with the Services or these Rules and User Agreement. In no event shall the total value of DIGITAL WORX LTD’s liability for any damages exceed the amount you have paid to DIGITAL WORX LTD in the past twelve months.

Due to force majeure or technical problems, it is possible that the Platform and / or the application is not available to all or some part of the users during certain periods of time. In such cases, DIGITAL WORX LTD is not liable for any damages incurred. DIGITAL WORX LTD reserves the right to refuse to publish advertisements or content for any reason, and in that case is not liable for any damage caused by this act.

To contact the user services of DIGITAL WORX LTD (administration), users are referred to the contact form. The response of the administrator or user team of DIGITAL WORX LTD does not necessarily reflect the position of the company, and accordingly Users cannot exercise any rights based on such written correspondence. It is not permitted to publish any written correspondence of the DIGITAL WORX LTD user team with the User without the written permission of DIGITAL WORX LTD or its authorized person.

  1. Refund 

Refunds are possible in case of inability to access the content of the platform or application due to technical difficulties, lasting longer than 30 working days. All payments will be made in EUR. For all information regarding the methods and procedures of payment, as well as possible complaints, you can contact us at the e-mail address: janko.pavlovic@digital-worx.rs.

  1. Copyright 

DIGITAL WORX has the exclusive copyright and intellectual property rights on the Platform, application, including all individual elements: textual, audio and video content, visual identity, program code, databases and other elements of the Platform where the author is DIGITAL WORX LTD. Any unauthorized use of the Platform, the Application or any of its elements without the written consent of DIGITAL WORX LTD as the holder of the exclusive copyright, is considered a copyright infringement of DIGITAL WORX LTD. 

DIGITAL WORX LTD is the sole proprietor of the TAKT trademark. 

DIGITAL WORX LTD guarantees that “TAKT” is not OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE – source code available with a license in which the copyright owner grants the right to study, modify and distribute the software to anyone without a license fee (ie a demanding license) a license fee is paid. 

  1. Terms of contract termination

Termination by the User. You can request the termination of  your account with DIGITAL WORX Platforms / Applications alongside with the request of the contract termination by sending us a written request via e-mail info@digital-worx.rs with the notice period of 30 day.  Deleting your account will delete all your personal information. However, this will not affect previously created log files and files that you have posted through the Services prior to completion, which will be used, in a pseudonymized manner for general user statistics.

Termination by DIGITAL WORX LTD. We may exclude or delete your account (and any associated accounts) and your access to the Services and Platforms at any time, for any reason, and without notice. If we do, it is important to understand that you do not have a contractual or legal right to continue to use our services. DIGITAL WORX LTD may refuse to provide services to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

Cessation of services. DIGITAL WORX LTD reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate any service at any time, for any reason. We will not be liable to you for the effect that any changes to the Services may have on you.

Validity of the Rules. The Rules will remain in effect even after you stop accessing the Service or stop using the Service.

  1. Rules of Jurisdiction

If DIGITAL WORX LTD is sued for something you did (and we really hope that won’t happen), you agree to get involved in our defense, as well as to let us know about the potential lawsuit in a timely manner. This means that you will be involved in the defense of DIGITAL WORX LTD (including all our employees) and that you will bear all costs (including reasonable costs of lawyers) and pay all fees arising from your actions, your use (or abuse) of our services, Your breach of Agreement, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy.

In the event of any dispute between you and DIGITAL WORX LTD the law of the Republic of Serbia and the locally competent court in the Republic of Serbia shall have jurisdiction. By using our Services, you agree that in the event of a dispute, we will try to resolve the dispute amicably through mediation.

  1. Other

DIGITAL WORX LTD may at any time amend these Terms and Conditions by updating this text. You will automatically be bound by the new Terms and Conditions contained in the changes, and for that reason you should periodically visit this page to familiarize yourself with the currently applicable Terms and Conditions.